About Us

Rob Bovarnick commercial photography Florida photographer.

Rob-Harris Name Explained

Many people think Rob Harris is one person when, in fact, it's two. Here's the story:

"I started my business in 1987 with my former University of Tampa college photography professor, Lew Harris. When we were coming up with ideas for company names, we both felt that Rob Harris had a better "ring" to it than Harris Bovarnick. Shortly after naming our company, we went to a local bank to open a business checking account. The first thing the bank teller asked us was "which one of you is Rob Harris?" That's when we decided to put the slash in between Rob and Harris: Rob/Harris. Since the beginning of the digital age, we have had to change the slash to a dash and add Photography and Video in addition to Productions for better search engine optimization." - Rob Bovarnick

Leah Rothe commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Meet Our Crew

Leah Rothe, our central command studio, office manager, and professional violinist has such a calm demeanor that she sometimes plays J.S. Bach sonatas to keep all of us relaxed when the pressure gets going.

Donald Lynd commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Donald Lynd often known as "D" is one of our master photographers. He's so comfortable with a camera in his hands that sometimes you don't even notice that it's there.

Chris Garland commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Chris Garland retired from the U.S. army. Went to art school. Then became our chief assistant, and photographer. His super power is that he never complains, and just keeps on going, and going, and going...

Kevin Averill Videographer Drone Pilot commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Kevin Averill is our drone, and video guru. He has tons of energy, and stays so up to date on the latest drone trends that there's a chance he might be turning in to one.

Stephen Vives commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Stephen Vives, our master photo retoucher ends up having so much post-production work from us that he has trouble getting out from behind his computer.

Steven Kane commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Steven Kane, our assistant, drone spotter, and professional chef-food stylist knows how to spice things up, and can handle any task with taste.

Lew Harris commercial photography Florida photographer Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

Lew Harris has taken the high position of CIO "Creative Ideas Officer." Whether it's artistic decisions, or financial ones we rely on Lew for his sharp wit, intelligence, and worldly wisdom. (Yes, that's a bird on his shoulder)

Susie Stefek - Smiling and Dialing Marketing Representative

Susie Stefek is our smiling and dialing appointment, and lead generator. She prides herself in using the latest research, and phone technology. Feeling stressed out? Talk to Susie. Her soothing voice, and friendly personality will put you at ease within seconds....and possibly make you want to hire us.