Drone photography and videography have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and we have been incorporating it often with our clients, especially in architectural shoots. Drone has allowed us to capture a newer perspective that was not possible before. We asked our drone photographer and pilot, Kevin Averill, a few questions about drone photography, how he got started, and some tips for anyone interested in learning...


Some of our favorite shots are alcoholic beverages. Not for the reason you’re thinking - although we do love a good drink. Capturing the right beverage image challenges us to be creative, savvy and collaborative. Our goal is to leave your mouth watering and thirsty for more.

Each of our shoots follow similar stages. Here are our go-to stages for shooting beverages:

  1. ...

Step 5 Final Lizzie Close-Up Victorian Bkrnd 0729 by Donald Lynd and Rob-Harris.JPG

Being located in Tampa, Florida has more benefits than just its sunny days. At Rob-Harris Productions, we are passionate about supporting the arts community. For years we have worked in collaboration with The Straz Center for the Performing Arts to showcase all it has to offer. Through our work with The Straz Center, we discovered Jobsite Theater. This organization is dedicated to creating...


In the photo above, founders Lew and Rob stand in front of Independence Hall. This shot was used as a satirical approach to answer the question: "how long have you been in business?" The caption read: Since 1787. Our business actually opened its doors in 1987. Believe it or not, if you look at our work from thirty years ago - you will see LOTS of differences. This can be attributed to developed technology including: cameras, lenses, lighting...

WEB RES Camden Midtown Atlanta Aerial 1 by Rob-Harris.JPG

In recent years, drones have become widely used for both recreational and commercial purposes. From small businesses finding ways to use their beginner drones to make money, to huge corporations using advanced drone technology; many different industries have found ways to use drones to benefit their business. Some industries using drones include agriculture, real estate, and insurance, but these are just a few of many. The possibilities for...

WEB RES Palma Sola Sunset 2 by Rob-Harris.JPG

We did these amazing commercial shots for our friends at Sanctuary Cove and Palma Sola Bay. Using our high-end drone equipment we were able to take these breathtaking photos as the sun rose and set - from an angle only a drone is capable of! Check out the beautiful architecture captured with our incredible drone photography.

WEB RES Camden Brookwood Atlanta Ext by Rob-Harris-0130.JPG

Take a look at these stills we shot for Camden Living showing you their unique architecture! Using the most high-end equipment available, we were able to capture the essence of this community from an angle that only a drone is capable of achieving. The Atlanta skyline in all of it's beauty captured with multiple lenses and the ability to shoot up to 4k RAW video. Can you imagine waking up to these...

WEB RES Camden Doral Villas Pool Miami by Rob-Harris-0966.JPG

Using high end drone technology we get striking images like this Miami pool at Camden Doral Villas. But that's not the only great shot we got when shooting drone stills for Camden Living. They have beauty everywhere!

PRESS RES Pearl Fishers by Rob-Harris-0265.JPG

Longtime Opera Tampa and Straz Center photographer Rob Bovarnick reveals the secrets behind capturing that Pearl Fishers photo.

PeeWee photography corporate & more

Looking for the Best Lighting for Your Model?

There are many different types of photography that includes people as part of the photo or as the subject. To get the best lighting for your subject, such as in Pee-Wee's portrait; set your lighting up as shown in the diagram below. The diagram shows 1 soft box on each side of your subject, which creates backlighting on hair and shoulders. With a final soft light umbrella...

Before and After Margaritaville Monument Daytona by Rob-Harris-7.jpg

Did you ever put colored “special effects” filters over your lens when shooting with a film camera? I guess we could call it “before” effects? Do you think it’s wrong to distort what a scene really looks like?

Since the transgression into the digital age of photography special effect filters over a lens are not as commonly used. I suspect, though, that there are very few images in the professional digital world of photography that...