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Florida Behind The Scenes Drink Shoot

Stand in drink 0280.JPG

Thirsty to know the scoop of a behind the scenes drink shoot? I’m not talking about “dirty dining”. It’s like “what you see is not quite what you get” kinda thing.

Recently, we shot the Citrus Summer Shandy for Ford’s Garage, a cool new restaurant concept that is rapidly expanding nationwide. The “before” shot is our “stand-in” drink which we used to get camera angle and determine how the shot should look. It’s the “real” drink. Not too bad, right? Orange garnish looked pretty good, but we didn't like the pineapple, and leaf. Couldn’t see the ice in the glass, and the leaf stem was showing. The craft beer taps looked dull, and you couldn’t see the colored light glow on them. Okay so, we added some light with an aqua gel to make the taps pop. Next our awesome food-drink stylist Steven Kane built up a new drink with (don’t hate us for this) fake ice. Once that looked right we added liquid ( real stuff ). Next we added garnish. Olive oil to enhance the leaf. How do you get a drink with fake ice to look cold and sweaty?

Fake it!. Sprayed it with “mouth watering” glycerin and water. Ford’s Garage props added in background. Lights, camera, action!!. Ready for a drink???

Working at Ford's Garage.jpeg

Rob-Harris shooting Citrus Summer Shandy for Ford’s Garage in Brandon, Florida.