Rob Bovarnick commercial photography Florida photographer.


He knows all the tricks of the trade, ladies and gents! You’ll be amazed once our master magician Rob Bovarnick transforms your product into a work of art. No strings, no smoke and mirrors, he dares to perform impossible feats of photographic prestidigitation, leaving clients in awe, asking “how did he do that?” Considered the Copperfield of the Camera, Rob’s work is so darn good you won’t believe your eyes.

Lew Harris commercial photography Florida photographer Rob-Harris Productions Inc.


Chief CIO, “Creative Ideas Officer,” Lew Harris masterminds this operation with his trusty feathered sidekick and provides hours of silent encouragement for the entire office. Whether it’s artistic decisions or financial ones, Lew holds everybody steady with his wit, intelligence, and nuggets of worldly wisdom.


Founders Rob and Lew met at The University of Tampa, where Lew was a photography professor and Rob landed—fortuitously—in his class. They recognized a full-blown photography geek in each other, figuring that their ideas combined with their shared belief in making the best images possible with the latest techniques would make a solid business. They launched Rob-Harris in 1987, and since then, they’ve been on the forefront of the industry and are every bit as excited about what photography can do today as they were on the day they met.

Leah Rothe commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

LEAH KANE, office manager

Central command, ground control, and Itzhak Perlman wrapped into one, our office manager—who happens to be a professional violinist—Leah keeps us ship shape and finely tuned. On occasion, when we’re a little frazzled, she won’t hesitate to bust out live renditions of J.S. Bach sonatas to restore our zen.

Donald Lynd commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

DONALD “D” LYND, master photographer

Donald is one of our master photographers. Everybody loves working with “D,” who’s so comfortable with a camera in his hand that you often don’t even notice it’s there.

Chris Garland commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

CHRIS GARLAND, photographer and assistant

This guy just keeps going and going … Chris is retired U.S. Army, but trust us when we tell you he’s still completely active when he’s on duty. It’s his superpower to never quit going. He has an incredible eye and bears the ultra-superpower of never complaining.

Kevin Averill Videographer Drone Pilot commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

KEVIN AVERILL, drone and video guru

Drone photography looks super cool and has been one of the biggest game-changers in commercial photography in recent history. Our man on the machine is Kevin, who uses the latest trends, updates, and experiments in drone imaging to capture just the right sky view. He’s so good at it, you may think this man and his machine are one.

Stephen Vives commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

STEPHEN VIVES, master photo retoucher

Our post-production perfection maker Stephen dedicates so much time to getting the images just right that we never see him out from behind his computer.

Steven Kane commercial photography Florida Rob-Harris Productions Inc.

STEVEN KANE, pro chef/food stylist

Sometimes Rob-Harris food photography is so successful that clients find themselves completely satisfied by eating the picture itself. This is because Steven was involved. As our professional chef-food stylist, he knows how to spice up the look of a dish and can handle any task with supremely good taste.

Susie Stefek - Smiling and Dialing Marketing Representative

SUSIE STEFEK, smiling and dialing executive

Say hello to our smiling and dialing appointment, and lead generator. She prides herself in using the latest research, and phone technology. Feeling stressed out? Talk to Susie. Her soothing voice, and friendly personality will put you at ease within seconds… and possibly make you want to hire us.